Lace Wig Repair

Lace Wig Repair

We believe the key to wearing a lace wig is to achieve a natural and undetectable look!
Restore your lace wig back to its original beauty! We offer repair services on any lace wig. Our repair service is a full lace
wig restoration service: detangling, unmalting, rips, tears, hair loss, curl or wave definition, etc. Most wigs can be repaired,
but in rare cases, we may not be able to repair your lace wig if it has been severely damaged. We will inspect your lace
wig and let you know if your wig can be repaired.

Repairs can take up to 8 weeks. After the unit is repaired and shipped, we will email the tracking number and estimated
delivery date.

Customers interested in getting their wig repaired should email us at Please provide detailed
information as to what type of repair is required. We will review and respond to your request within 48 hours.

Repair Fee

  • Repair fee for Divas Lace Wigs:

  • Up to 10 Inches: $100.00
  • 12 - 16 Inches: $125.00
  • 18 -  24 Inches: $150.00
  • 26 - 30 Inches: $175.00
  • 32 - 34 Inches: $200.00

  • Additional Repair fee for Lace Wigs from Another Company

  • Add $50.00 to the applicable lace wig group.

Add Shipping costs: USA - $28.00 and International: $40.00, up to two wigs.

Repair Service Covers

Repair services cover anything needed to restore your lace wig, such as, but not limited to.

  • Remove matting and tangles.
  • Add and replace any hair loss up to 120% density. Additional fee for densities over 120%.
  • Add any baby hair.
  • Restore original hair pattern for wavy or curly units.
  • Repair the lace cap. Mend holes, rips and tears (A large rip or tear may not be able to be fixed. So far, 100%

Conditions for Repair Service

  • LACE WIGS MUST BE CLEAN. You must wash and condition your wig before sending it to us for repair. If your lace
    wig is not completely cleaned of adhesives or products, the repair will be declined and you will be responsible for
    paying the $15.00 return shipping fee.
  • You must remove ALL GLUE RESIDUE from the lace and hair.
  • Must pay the lace wig Repair Fee and Shipping costs (USA - $25.00 and International: $38.00) to repair and ship
    the lace wig back to you.
  • Do not send us a lace wig that is damp from washing.


All repairs must be paid for in full prior to any services being performed. There will be $25.00 shipping fee to cover return

Most wigs can be repaired. However, if the factory determines that your unit is beyond repair, your wig will be returned and
you will receive a refund minus the shipping cost to return the unit back to you.
Lace Wig Repair
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