Glueless Lace Wigs Full Lace Wigs Cancer Wigs

Glueless Lace Wigs Full Lace Wigs Cancer Wigs

Wigs For Cancer Clients
Believe it or not, hair loss (Alopecia) due to chemotherapy is one of the most distressing side effects of chemo treatments. Hair loss happens
because the chemotherapy affects all cells in the body, not just the cancer cells. The lining of the mouth, stomach, and the hair follicles are
especially sensitive because those cells multiply rapidly just like the cancer cells. The difference is that the normal cells will repair themselves,
Hair loss may occur as early as the second or third week after the first cycle of chemotherapy, although it may not happen until after the second
cycle of chemotherapy.  Hair loss can be sudden or slow.  You may lose all of your hair or just some of it.  Often it comes out in clumps rather than
an even pattern.  It is common for hair loss to include hair that grows anywhere including eyelashes, eyebrows, and even pubic hair.

Divas Lace Wigs
Cranial Prothesis, Full Lace Wigs, No Glue (Glueless) Lace Wigs , and Eyebrows are made with 100% Indian Remy human hair for
women experiencing
hair loss from chemotherapy treatments. Certain medical conditions that causes hair loss may be covered by your health
insurance, grant or voucher.

All of our products are made from the finest materials that will provide comfort, a natural appearance. The cap is made according to your head
measurements, which give you a custom fit. Our products have been designed especially for the medical hair loss patient in mind.

No Glue (Glueless) Cranial Prostheses are extremely light weight and will make an ideal choice for the woman who wants ease of care.
We believe the key to wearing a lace wig is to achieve a natural and undetectable look!
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wigs for cancer clients
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