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Six Reasons to Buy Human Hair vs Synthetic Hair

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

You are thinking about purchasing a hair system like a lace wig, frontal, closure or hair extensions but can’t decide if you want human hair or synthetic hair. If your answer is “yes,” then we suggest you choose human hair!

Here are a few reasons we choose human hair:

1) Human hair costs more upfront than synthetic hair but it will be a much better investment in the long term if you’re planning to wear your hair system on a regular basis.

2) Human hair has a more natural and realistic look and it will stand up to daily styling, your hair will look amazing and beautiful every day. Synthetic hair tend to look fake, usually much shinier than human hair and has a look of plastic. Synthetic hair will start to show wear and tear quicker, won’t last as long and can’t stand up to constant use. If you purchase virgin human hair, the hair last even longer, and it can be colored to match your existing hair color or the color of your choice. Human hair has a longer life when you take care of it, is very natural and more realistic. It’s your secret…shhhh!

3) Human hair can be styled the way you want whereas synthetic styles can’t be changed. You can curl or straighten the human hair with heat styling tools, but not synthetic. If you use heat styling tools on your human hair, we suggest you use a heat protective product to protect the human hair, just as you would your own hair.

4) There’s many hair systems that you can choose that fits your lifestyle. You can also choose the hair texture (straight, curly, wavy, etc.), length, color, and style, etc. Factor in, how much work and time you want to spend to maintain the style.

5) Human hair will blend better into your existing hair because synthetic hair tend to look fake as they are usually much shinier than human hair and it has a look of plastic.

6) Human hair is washed, conditioned and brushed like natural hair growing from the scalp.

Human hair is washed, conditioned and brushed like natural hair growing from the scalp.

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