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Knot Sealer - An Absolute Must!

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

We have gotten away from an old remedy that secured the knots in hand-tied lace hair systems. To help preserve the knots in your lace system as it ages, we are going back to recommending you use a “Knot” sealer. The knot sealer is designed to secure the knot to the lace by sealing it. The knot sealer may slow down or even stop shedding by creating a thin layer of protection.

Knot sealer works very similar to make-up primer. Primer prepares the skin for make-up, smooths the face for foundation application and it helps the makeup stay longer. The same logic applies to hand-tied lace systems.

The knot sealer comes in a spray bottle and is easy to apply. Simply turn the wig inside out and lightly spray the sealer on the mesh or lace. Allow it to completely dry before wearing. The sealer should be applied after every wash and/or conditioning. Make sure that the wig dries before sealing.

Note: Reseal your Knots after EVERY WASH and/or CONDITIONING!

Our lace wigs are made from 100% human hair, and are hand-tied by single knots in the front and double knots everywhere else in the lace base. This is a delicate process and it makes the hairs fragile and shedding may occur. Some shedding is normal and should be expected, just as the hair on the human head sheds. Shedding can be minimized if you use a “knot sealer.” A knot sealer will help to make your wig last longer.

Divas Lace Wigs offers in-stock and custom made glueless lace wigs that has a glueless Swiss lace cap. It's easy to choose the right lace wig cap because we have several different caps for different stages of hair loss. Our caps are comfortable and breathable. Call or email us today. When your hair looks good, you feel good and we are here to make that happen for you. And to keep your hair looking good, we recommend using knot sealer to seal the knots.

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