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How to Prolong the Life of Your Virgin Remy Lace Wigs and Systems

Divas Lace Wigs’ lace wigs and hair systems are made with premium quality Virgin (Raw/Unprocessed) Remy human hair. We thought we would share our answer to one of the most important, most asked questions, “How long will lace wig or hair system last?”

Actually, there is no one exact answer because when it comes to estimating the life of our lace wigs or hair systems, there are several factors we need to consider and discuss. However, our first response, “The life of your lace wig or hair system depends on how well you take care of the hair.” Taking care of the hair and becoming familiar with options that impact the hair. We want you to have real expectations and become familiar with pros and cons that benefit you by helping you to get the most of your wig or hair system and protect your investment!

Keep in Mind…

Hair Quality: The quality of the human hair is important when it comes to the life of the hair in the wig or hair system. (Our) Virgin Remy is a premium quality (raw / unprocessed) human hair. This hair is in its purest form. The hair is versatile, naturally silky and lustrous. Rated the best hair to choose when it comes to quality and life span of the hair. With proper care, (Our) Virgin Remy human hair lace wigs and hair systems can last up to a year or more with proper care. When thinking of quality, forget the numbers game.

Hair Length: The hair length of a human hair lace wig can also impact how long your wig will last. Longer hair is of greater risk to the life of wigs. The wig hair can be damaged by combing, brushing, tangling or even the friction of the hair when rubbing against collars, clothing or human skin. The shorter hair has a longer life than longer hair.

Frequency of Wig Wear: Wearing the same lace wig everyday can cause some damage to the hair which gets worst over time. Glueless wigs and hair systems that are worn without using glue or tape have the longest life. These wigs are worn and removed at whim. Whereas wigs and hair systems that require a glue or tape attachment method will cause major damage over time. That’s the truth, plain and simple. It is recommended to have at least two lace wigs or hair systems, especially if you must wear a wig.

Styling the Hair: For wash and wear styles, style the hair when slightly damp or roll the hair. Hair must be dry if you plan on using a heat styling product!

Heat Protector: If you use an electric or battery-operated styling appliance: Flat Irons, Curlers or Hair dryer, we recommend using the lowest setting and a heat protector. The heat protector creates a protective barrier against the heat styling tool and your hair. It helps to keep the hair healthy. It seals in moisture and fends off frizzing. It also works to smooth the cuticle, making your hair look smooth and feel soft. If you use a heat styling product, do it with caution.

Isopropyl Alcohol: Hair products that are formulated with isopropyl alcohol can strip your hair of moisture, which is particularly bad since the hair in your wig or hair system does not receive any nutrients from the scalp. Isopropyl alcohol are often used in some hair products for their drying effect and it evaporates quickly which causes the hair to lose moisture and become dry.

Shampoo and Condition: Shampoo and condition as often as you feel necessary, but at least five days of wear. The more you wash, the more damage can occur. Clean hair is great hair. To shampoo and condition your wig, submerse your human hair wig in a basin of water with a small amount of shampoo and repeat with conditioner. Lay flat, pat to dry.

Moisturize, Moisturize: Like our natural hair, wigs don't have a natural scalp. That means there is no natural oil and no moisture to keep the hair soft and silky. Dryness can cause the hair to become brittle, break off. Dryness can ruin the hair quality over time. Since the hair in wigs do not get any moisture and nutrients naturally, you need to add moisturizer to keep the hair soft and supple.

Storing Your Wig: Store your lace wig away from excess heat and direct sunlight. You can place on a wig stand or lay flat. For storage or traveling, wrap wig in hair net, place in a plastic bag. When traveling, we recommend you carry your wig in your onboard luggage or travel bag.

Hair Maintenance: Wash, condition and moisturize you’re the human hair in your wig or hair system with extra attention and always follow the instructions you received with your wig or hair system.

We’ve provided you with a few tips to get the most out of the hair and to protect your investment! If you’re still unsure, always call the place where you purchased your hair system. This way, you’ll get their instructions. You can also give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Divas Lace Wigs offers full lace wigs, glueless lace wigs, lace front wigs, 360 Lace Wigs, Closures, Toppers, Toupees and Hair Extensions online or in our boutique. You can purchase wigs over the phone or in person. We look forward to getting to know you and your hair needs and hope you will give us the opportunity to serve you in the near future. When your hair looks good, you feel good and we are here to make that happen for you.

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