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Lace Hairline Glueless Lace Wig Cap Two

Lace Hairline Glueless Lace Wig Cap Two is made with lace on the front hairline with stretch lace through out. It has an invisible hairline, can be parted anywhere and it has adjustable straps for a secure fit. The Glueless Cap Two Lace On Front Hairline can be worn in a low ponytail. Glueless Cap Two Lace On Front Hairline will  give you the beauty and look of a full lace wig, except no glue or tape is required to wear. 

If you are searching for a glueless lace wig that will give you a very natural and realistic look,  then STOP your search. Our Lace Hairline Glueless Lace Wig Cap Two is the glueless lace wig you have been searching for.

Note: Our lace wigs are not styled. We provide a head of hair that can be styled the way you want.

Glueless Cap Two Features

  • Requires NO adhesives, glues or tapes to wear

  • Made with Swiss lace on the front hairline to give it a natural look (Lace on front hairline needs to be trimmed.)

  • Has ear tabs which cover the hair in front of the ear

  • Base of the cap is made with a Swiss stretch lace that contours to your head for a secure and perfect fit

  • Has an adjustable straps at the nape with an adjustable inside stretch thread

  • Single lightly Bleached knots in the front/Double knots everywhere else

  • All hair is hand-tied to the lace base and can be parted anywhere

  • Hair appears to be growing naturally from your scalp

  • Can be worn in a loose up ponytail or hairstyle

  • Wears and fits naturally

  • Light weight, comfortable, and secure

  • Metal strip in ear tab helps to keep the wig stable

  • Optional clips or combs

  • Optional Silk Top or Silk Injection

Glueless Cap two full wig
Glueless Cap two side
Glueless Cap two forehead
Glueless Cap two inside forehead
Glueless Cap two back inside stretch thread
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