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Lace Types and Lace Colors

Divas Lace Wigs realizes that the key to achieving an undetectable look is to select the lace color that best matches your complexion. Our lace colors range from Transparent to Dark Brown. Black is available upon special request.

Lace Types

Divas Lace Wigs uses several different types of lace materials that you can select to create your lace-based hair system, lace wigs, closures/toppers and toupees. If ordering a custom hair system, you can choose the lace of your choice. Stock lace wigs are available in Swiss and HD. Here are the most popular ones:


Swiss Lace: Swiss lace is fine, less visible but durable. The thinness contributes to a natural and seamless hairline.


French Lace: French lace is slightly thicker than Swiss lace. It is more durable and can be a bit more visible.


HD Lace: HD lace offers a highly transparent, thin material and durable. The HD blends well with all skin tones for an undetectable finish.

Lace Types

Lace Color Chart

Use our Lace Color Chart as a visual guide to help you choose your desired lace color. If you can't decide on a lace color that matches your skin tone, then go lighter as opposed to darker. 

Lace Colors Chart
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