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FirmGrip Breathable - Vacuum Cap

Divas Lace Wigs’ FirmGrip Breathable Wigs are custom made meaning every FirmGrip wig is totally unique, and is tailored specifically to the individual wearing it. We offer six different FirmGrip cap styles from which you can choose. The FirmGrip wig is in the family of a vacuum wig. The vacuum wig does not require any tape, glue or adhesive and it creates a comfortable suction (or “vacuum”) to the scalp due to its unique custom fit and all silicone cap.​

The FirmGrip Breathable Vacuum wig cap is made with Swiss or French lace and silicon. The lace lets the air flow through to the scalp and the silicon grips the scalp to give it a natural look throughout and a suction type hold. This wig is similar to a vacuum cap, which has been known to be hot for some women. The FirmGrip Breathable Vacuum wig cap was designed specifically for women living with severe hair loss from Alopecia Areata or Totalis/Universalis, Chemotherapy, cancer, or other medical condition.

FirmGrip Breathable - Vacuum Cap Features 

Our FirmGrip - Breathable Vacuum Wig Cap has the following features:

  • Requires NO adhesives, glues or tapes to wear

  • Made with medical-Silicon (sticks to the head) and Swiss Lace (breathable)

  • Silicon grips the head like a second skin and the Swiss lace offers the ventilation for a secure fit

  • Designed for women living with severe hair loss

  • It is breathable, unlike our traditional vacuum cap

  • Has an extended nape that makes it easier to put hair up in a loose ponytail or up hairstyle

  • Has ear tabs which cover the hair in front of the ear

  • Base of the cap is made with a Swiss stretch lace that contours to your head for a secure and perfect fit

  • Has an adjustable straps at the nape

  • All hair is hand-tied to the lace base and can be parted anywhere

  • Single lightly Bleached knots in the front/Double knots everywhere else

  • Hair appears to be growing naturally from your scalp

  • Can be worn in a loose up ponytail or hairstyle

  • Wears and fits naturally

  • Light weight, comfortable, and secure

  • Metal strip in ear tab helps to keep the wig stable

  • Optional clips or combs

  • Optional Silk Top or Silk Injection

FirmGrip Caps

FirmGrip Breathable Cap - Thin Skin or Silicon
FirmGrip Breathable Cap - Thin Skin or Silicon
Firm Grip5
FirmGrip Breathable Vacuum with Lace Crown - Silicon Perimeter
FirmGrip Breathable Vacuum with Lace Crown
FirmGrip Breathable Vacuum with Silk Top Crown Silicon Perimeter
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