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Adjustable Elastic Stretch Band

The adjustable elastic stretch band is a favorite among our customers!

What is an Adjustable Elastic Stretch Band?

The adjustable elastic stretch band is a favorite among our customers, especially those who are living with severe hair loss, weak or thinning hair since the optional clips and combs don't work for them. And they don't want to use adhesives: glue or tape! Our customers rave that the band gives them that little extra of a secure feeling while sporting their favorite hairstyle.


The adjustable elastic stretch band is a four part band with hooks. (Some of you will recognize it resembles a bra extender. It is, but works great in the wig.) The bands attached to the tabs and rests beneath the occipital bone. The tabs are sewn into the wig cap at the factory. The elastic straps hooks to the tabs, then connect in the center where you can adjust it to your desired tightness. It's available in black and or cream color. Divas Lace Wigs adds this little charm to all orders at no cost to the customer when selected by the customer. 

The adjustable elastic band is available on any wig we offer. The ban is not detectable under the wig and no one will know you are wearing it. 


Elastic stretch band demonstration.jpg
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