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Custom U Part Lace Wigs 

U part wig

U Part Lace Wigs are made similar to our full lace wigs. All the hair is hand-tied to a lace base. NO WEFTS! U Part wigs are great for women desiring to use their own hair in the opening to give it a natural part and hairline. The u part wig is available with a center, left or right part. All you have to do is blend the hair that you left out over the u part and style into the desired style for a flawless finish.

U Part Lace Wigs are made with premium quality Remy human hair making it easy to manage, very natural, and non-tangling. All the hair in the U Part Lace wig is hand-tied to the lace based u part wig cap to give it a natural and realistic part and hairline. Also, the hair can be parted anywhere and can be styled to achieve most hair styles. 


We offer both custom and in stock U Part Lace wigs. 

U Part Lace Wigs:

  • Can be worn with or without glue or tape, sewn-in, clipped-in or combs

  • Comfortable, light weight and breathable

  • Made of premium quality human hair

  • Can be worn in many different styles

  • Can be worn in a low ponytail or up do

You can wear our U Part Lace Wig with a feeling of confidence, knowing your U Part Lace Wig looks realistic and fabulous.

U Part Lace Wigs Features

U Part Wig cap is available with a center, right or left part.

CLICK HERE or an image to order.

u part right ombre
u part right full side
u part right back ombre
u part right par
u part right side
u part right  back
u part center part
u part center side
u part center back
u part left front
u part back
U Part wig showing inside side
U Part wig showing outside center part
U Part wig showing outside inside crown back
U Part wig showing inside center part
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