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Water May Be Drying Out the Hair in Your Lace Wig, Hair System, or Hair Extensions

Your lace wig hair can become crunchy, shed, mat and tangle if it’s too dry. Hair products containing alcohol, using heat styling often and blow-drying are among the top offenders. However, the biggest culprit can be the quality of your water.

If you wear human hair systems like lace wigs, toppers, frontals or hair extensions, you need to take special precautions to protect your hair from harsh chemicals in the water, even drinking water. Drinking water and swimming pool water both have chlorine. Chlorine dries out the hair and can cause oxidation which lightens or change the hair color.

Would it surprise you if I told you that here in the U.S. most of the treated water that flows into your home can contain more chlorine than a swimming pool! It’s almost like taking your hair system for a swim every time you wash and condition it. Unlike your natural hair, it can replenish itself because it is naturally moisturized by scalp oils which keeps it moist and supple. Chlorine simply sucks all of the moisture out of your hair system and the color along with it. It can cause the hair in your hair system to shed, mat, tangle, frizz, even break off.

Since the hair in your hair system doesn’t grow naturally from the scalp, it’s easier for the hair to dry to out. As a result, you need to make a conscious effort to keep our hair system conditioned using leave-in and rinse-out conditioners, and hair serums and oils.

The solution, faithfully condition your hair, avoid heat styling and harmful products containing alcohol. Now you know the water in your home contains chlorine and the harm that chlorine can cause, filtered water, drinking or distilled water may help to keep the hair in your hair system from drying out.

One of our long-time customer who lives in California, might I add she never had a problem with her lace wig hair. She vacationed in New York City. While there, she decided to wash and condition her hair. Low and behold, her hair became one massive tangled mess. She called me in a panic! She was frantic! I told her it was the water. I advised her to purchase Sauvé Keratin Conditioner and to use bottled water. She called later that day thanking me because her wig recovered. (We also recommend to our customers to use Sauvé Keratin Shampoo).

If you are having problems with your hair system, stop and think, maybe it’s the water!

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