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Fake Scalp - Great for Parting

We are always looking for more ways to make a wig look more natural and application easier. The Fake Scalp is perfect for people who wear a nylon wig cap under their wig for comfort, to cover their natural hair, to lessen the look of the lace knots or to have a more natural looking scalp for parting of the wig hair. And especially great for those who wear a wig cap and use glue or hair gel to attach the wig cap. The Fake Scalp replaces these attachment methods.

The Fake Scalp is made with a fabric similar to a nylon wig cap, but sturdier. The Fake Scalp combined with the bleached knots help to make a wig look more natural when parted down the middle or side.

The Fake Scalp is sewn in and covers the crown and sides of lace-based wigs. The Fake Scalp is available in all custom lace-based wigs and in-stock wigs. The lace-based wigs with the Fake Scalp can still be parted anywhere and it lessens the visibility of the lace grids in the crown area showing through. The Fake Scalp method is great if you want to have a more realistic scalp without purchasing costly methods like a Silk Top.

Fake Scalp advantages:

  • Lace and knots are less visible

  • No Wig Cap

  • No plucking

  • Covers the crown and sides for natural looking parts

  • Breathable and Protective

Available for in-stock or custom-made wig with lace

The fake scalp cap that is sewn in the inside of the wig to hide the lace grids and knots at the base of the cap. The wig wearer gets a wig cap free wear option and it gives a undetectable natural wear!

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