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Great Curls with No Heat Flexi-Rods

Looking for a fun curl no heat option that will give you beautiful soft bouncy curls, then look no further. The no heat flexi-rods is the perfect choice. Flexi rods are soft foam rods available in various sizes.

The no heat flexi rods are a welcome addition to the care and maintenance of your human hair wigs, frontals, weaves and more. Flexi rods gives the hair beautiful soft bouncy curls or waves. They won’t damage the hair since no heat is used. Even though you can get great results, the curls only last a few days, a little longer if you use a holding gel. Bottom line, if you want beautiful curls and you don’t want to use heat, the no heat flexi rods is good choice.

Flexi-rods are relatively easy to use and work great on most hair textures. The no heat flexi rods extend the life of the hair since no heat is used to get those beautiful curls. Rods size varies from tight curls, big curls or waves and more. The result is beautiful curls with a very natural look.

Keep in mind, Flexi rods take several hours to form the curl. Flexi-rods works great on most hair textures. And gives a better curl when the hair is clean, but damp.

To create your style:

use a tail comb to part and separate the hair

start from the back and place an end paper over the hair

wrap the tip around the rod, then roll the hair toward the root

repeat until the hair is rolled.

Let the hair air dry. If you’re in a hurry, you can sit under a bonnet dryer on medium-high heat until dry. But adding any heat defeats the purpose. Remove the rods and style as desired.

The longer you leave the flexi rods in, the tighter the curl. This process can be a hit and miss until you get the desired curl. If the curl is too tight, mist the hair, and use your fingers to lengthen the curl to the desired style. If the curl is too loose, roll the hair again.

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Divas Lace Wigs isn't affiliated with any flexi-rods company. Flexi-rods work great for no heat curls.

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