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The Struggle Is Real

You just received the most beautiful virgin human hair glueless lace wig. Sometime, as you began to wear your wig, you notice some tangling. Anyone who has worn a wig will tell you that this struggle is real! It doesn’t matter if the hair is natural, expensive, or inexpensive—they all end up in knots. Luckily, at Divas Lace Wigs, our customers rarely experience this issue.

Why do wigs (even really expensive ones) seem to tangle more often than your own hair? "Tangling can depend a lot on how well the wig is made and whether the cuticles are all going in the right direction or if it's been processed with some kind of chemical or color. If the hair has been tied-in incorrectly or it's been treated, then it's more likely to tangle. But any wig will tangle more than your real hair because your scalp produces natural oils that keep hair from drying out and getting caught in itself, and of course wigs do not do that." At Divas Lace Wigs, we only use virgin human hair which means, unprocessed human hair with cuticles in-tact.

To keep the hair from tangling, we suggest to our customers to use a shampoo and conditioner we recommend. It’s a mild, not-stripping shampoo, which is sulfate-free. You can wash and condition your wig in the sink or set the wig on a wig head. Shampooing and conditioning the wig on the head helps to keeps its shape. When you wash it, don’t scrub or rub the hairs together. Run your fingers through it like a comb, rubbing your fingers through it as you go and kind of squeezing it. You want to rinse it very well by dipping it into water and pulling it out. Be gentle.

Shampooing and conditioning depends on how often you're wearing your wig. If it’s a full lace wig which is usually attached by glue, tape or sew-in, it goes and does everything you do. If you're not exercising in your wig and not putting a lot of products in it that causes build up and you're taking it off to go to sleep at night, you shouldn't be washing it more than once a week.

Use a wig brush to comb the hair when during conditioning through the wet hair. Rinse and let it dry and brush it again. Oops! There’s a tangle. Gently start at the ends of your hair first and work up to the root. If you start from the top and go down, you make the tangle bunch up more.

We suggest that use alcohol-free hair products. Leave-in conditioners are great, too.

Divas Lace Wigs offers the most popular virgin human hair wigs from straight to curly. We focus on the best quality full lace human hair wigs products. We only offer unprocessed Virgin Remy hair which is great when you are investing in a wig. Our glueless Swiss lace cap wigs are the best, especially if you don’t want to use glue, tape or sew-in. Choosing the right lace wig cap is necessary for the best fit. CLICK HERE to buy the best virgin human hair wigs online.

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