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Tips for Protecting the Hair in Your Lace Wigs or Hair System While You Sleep

Protecting your hair at night is very important. Here are a few tips to help you protect your hair.

  • Splurge on a Satin Pillow Case: Purchasing a satin pillow case is one investment that will make a huge difference in the health of your hair whether it is your natural hair, lace wig or hair system. A satin pillow case is smooth and doesn’t catch or pull your hair as much as a cotton or mixed cotton pillow case especially since you toss and turn at night. Satin pillow cases also helps to eliminate hair that is mussed or tangled when you get out of bed and split ends.

  • Brush or Comb Out the Tangles: It is beneficial to brush or bomb out the hair before bed. Use a wig brush or a wide tooth comb to brush/comb from the tips to the root while gently working through knots.

  • Don’t Sleep with Wet Hair: A big no no is going to bed with wet or just-dried hair. It can ruin any chance of having a good hair day in the morning. Always dry your hair thoroughly before you go to bed.

  • Apply Oil to the Hair: Apply oil to the hair often to prevent it from getting dry. Dry hair, especially at the tips can cause the hair to have a frizzy appearance. Add oil. Apply a small amount of good quality hair oil, something like Argan oil to your tips before you go to bed. This give the oil plenty of time to work its magic and when you wake up, you’ll have flawless and smooth hair.

  • Braid the Hair: Braiding your hair will protect your hair. And in the morning, when you undo the braids, it will give you bouncy, no heat, beach waves. You can experiment with the number and size of the braids to get the perfect beach style wave you like.

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Lance I
Lance I
06 de set. de 2021

Thanks ggreat blog post

Divas Lace Wigs
Divas Lace Wigs
10 de set. de 2021
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