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Single Drawn and Double Drawn Hair

Single drawn and double drawn are terms used to describe different types of hair strands. Both Single Drawn and Double Drawn hair is easy to cut, style and blend. To help you understand the differences, have described what makes hair single or double drawn, so that you can be 100% sure what you are looking for when choosing a hair.

  • Single Drawn: As hair naturally grows from our scalp, each of our hairs will have a different growth rate, therefore an individual with naturally grown long hair will have hair that is thinner at the root and tapers off towards the bottom. Single drawn hair is the standard thickness used in wigs, hair systems and hair extensions. Single Drawn hair may contain around 50% full length hairs and 50% of varied hair length. In Single Drawn hair you will find a lack of volume. Single Drawn hair is very popular and has a natural finish.

Example: (1) If you choose 18” hair length.  Fifty percent of the hair is 18" and around 50% the remaining 50% of hair comprises a combination of lengths which are likely to be between 14-16” in length.  This is the reason the hair will be thicker at the root and taper off slightly towards the end. (2) If you're looking for very thick 20” hair extensions you will need to purchase single drawn hair of 22-24” in order to allow enough hair for the extensions to be trimmed and thickened at the ends, and they'll have an overall length of 20”. You can add more density, but it doesn't change the stand length. 

  • Double Drawn: Hair is the same thickness at the root as it is at the tip. The majority of shorter hairs as described above are removed and replaced with longer hairs. This means that if you were to purchase 18″ hair extensions, the hair would be thick from root to tip, as the majority of hairs (around 70-80%) within the bundle would measure the full 18 inches.


Example: Hair has the same thickness from the crown to the tip. You get a full bodied look like Pop Stars and Hollywood Stars and its easier to achieve with Double Strand hair. Since Double Strand is thick, it is also most likely you won't not need as much density as you would for a full head of single drawn hair. Double drawn hair is more expensive than single drawn. However you are getting more hair for your money. Double drawn hair is thick from the root to the tip. This can make the strands quite heavy in weight, but not heavy in weight on your head.

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