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Updated: Aug 15, 2019

We've updated our original Lace Wig - Hair Knots article, first published September 2009. Since that time, many more knotting options have become available. If you have been wondering about the different knots and the purpose for each, hopefully the explanations below will answer your questions.

  • Single / Double Knots is the process of taking a single hair strand and hand-tying it to a lace base with a single or double knot. For a single knot, the hair is knotted once and a double knot, the hair is knotted twice. Single and double hand-tied knots give the lace wig a very natural and realistic appearance. Single and double knots give the hair an appearance it's growing out from the scalp, has a multi-directional flow and can be parted anywhere. On the downside, single knots are more delicate which makes the hairs more prone to shedding since it's only been tied once. Double knots are more secure and it lessens shedding. Loss of hair can result in bald patches on the wig, where the lace becomes visible. Keep in mind, single knots are harder to detect, but easy to shed.

  • Bleached knots is the process of lightening the knot to make it appear less visible to the naked eye for darker hair colors. Bleached knots can be single or double knots. The knots are lightly bleached to lessen the visibility of the knot to make it less detectable to the naked eye. The knots aren't totally invisible, just lighter. The hair is lightly bleached at the root, then hand-tied to the lace base using single or double knots. The knots are single bleached knots appear 1/4 inch of the front hairline.

  • Camouflage Knots is a process of reducing the visibility of the knots without bleaching the hair. We us hair color #4, but you can choose the color of your choice. Originally, camouflage knots was used to lighten the root hair color to reduce the visibility of the knots. today women use this same process to enhance their hair color. Camouflage knots or color enhancement works great on all hair colors or textures.

  • Silk Top - Hidden Knots is one of the most realistic options for a natural and realistic crown to show off a natural center, right or left part. The Silk Top process is unique and has been perfected over the years. To create a Silk Top, individual hairs are injected into layers of silk and lace which makes the knots 100% invisible. The silk top gives the illusion that the hair is actually growing out of your scalp. You won't see lace or knots because they are beneath the layers of silk and cannot be detected, even under close scrutiny. A silk top gives the appearance of an actual scalp and it looks realistic. The Silk top process can be placed in the crown of the cap for a center, left or right side part or the complete cap. The silk top is available in popular colors to match skin complexions. Silk Top process is similar to the Silk Injection process, except the Silk Top is made with layers of silk and lace and the Silk Injection is made with polyurethane, thin skin. We have found Silk Top is the most widely used hidden knot process next to Silk Injection.

  • Silk Injection is the process of injecting hair strands into a polyurethane, thin skin base to hide the knot making it completely invisible. The knots are hidden and the hair appears to be growing naturally out of the scalp. Since the knots are injected into the thin skin, the are undetectable and cannot be detected. The thin skin area of the lace wig looks like scalp and very natural. Thin skin can be placed in the crown of the head for a center, left or right side parting, or it can be placed around the perimeter or made into a vacuum wig. Silk injection process is similar to the Silk Top process, except Silk Injection is made with polyurethane, thin skin and the Silk Top is made with layers of silk and lace. Thin skin is available in popular colors to match your complexion.

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