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Choosing Between Tape and Glue

Glues for attaching lace wigs

Customers with experience already know which attachment method works best for them. However, new clients are unsure which attachment method will work best for them. We always ask new clients questions to help determine which product will work best for them.

  • Do you know if you want to attachment your system using tape or glue?

  • Do you have normal, dry or oily skin?

  • Do you have sensitive skin?

  • Do you sweat a lot?

  • Do you lead an active lifestyle (workout, exercise, swim, etc.)?

  • What type of hold time would you like to get, i.e. a few days, a few weeks or a month?

  • Do you know there is a glueless lace wig option available that doesn't require tape or glue?


Tape is the easiest for most people to use and little to no mess. Tapes are available on rolls or in pre-cut to match the shape of the attachment area. Tapes are clear and come in several liner colors that indicate the degree of tackiness. Tape is thicker than glue and may create a slight an edge. Sometimes the tape can be shiny and visible through the lace. There are no shine tapes and low profile tapes. Low profile tapes are designed for sensitive skin. Some tapes are made for lace and thin skin and some tapes are made specifically for thin skin because they are not tacky enough to stick to lace.


Glue is available in clear and white. Both are designed for weekly- or extended-wear. Glue can be very, very messy to work with. Glues are available in brush-on, squeeze-on or dab-on. However, we found the best application method is to use a Popsicle stick which can be purchased a most arts and craft stores.

  • Clear glue is solvent-based, goes on clear and dries clear. They typically give a better hold time than white glues but can be more irritating if you have sensitive skin

  • White glue is water-based and goes on white and dries clear. Water-based glues are recommended for clients with sensitive skin, but can be used by anyone. If you have an active lifestyle or sweat a lot, the white glue can turn white when you perspire

Final Thought

Regardless of whether you use tape or glue, always follow the instructions given by the manufacturer before applying. Always wait for the glue to dry or become tacky for about 7-10 minutes before laying the lace down into it. (Wait when attaching thin skin too.) This will prevent the adhesive from seeping into the lace and make clean up much easier.

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