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What are Thin Skin Vacuum Wigs

Thin skin vacuum wigs are made with polyurethane. The thin skin vacuum wig cap is made especially for people who are living with extreme hair loss. People with hair cannot wear this wig. The wig will not stay on. People who are bald can because the thin skin vacuum seals to the head very similar to the feeling you get when wearing a swim cap. The thin skin provides a tight and secure fit if the thin skin cap is sized properly. The thin skin wig can be worn without adhesive.

For people who have hair loss in other areas of their head, the thin skin can be placed in various areas like the perimeter, crown, sides or most areas of where there is hair loss. The thin skin or vacuum wig is ventilated by hand and the hair is injected into the thin skin which makes the hair appear to be growing right out of the scalp with a multi-directional flow. And the hair can be parted anywhere. As a result of this injection process, the thin skin wig cap has no revealing knots.

Thin skin is available in transparent, light brown, medium brown and dark brown colors to match your skin tone. When you wear this wig, it blends into your own skin. The thin skin vacuum wig has a natural hairline and virtually undetectable to touch.

Since thin skin is made with polyurethane, keep in mind that thin skin is not breathable and some people have found this cap to be a bit warm but wear it for the beauty, convenience and security.

Our glueless lace wigs and full lace wigs human hair wigs are real looking wigs. They have a natural looking hairline and can be parted anywhere.

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