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FirmGrip Breathable Vacuum Wigs

Divas Lace Wigs’ FirmGrip Breathable Vacuum Wigs are custom made meaning every FirmGrip Breathable Vacuum wig is totally unique, and is tailored specifically to the individual wearing it. We offer six different FirmGrip cap styles from which you can choose. The FirmGrip Breathable Vacuum wig is in the family of a vacuum wig. The vacuum wig does not require any tape, glue or adhesive and it creates a comfortable suction (or “vacuum”) to the scalp due to its unique custom fit and all silicone cap.

The FirmGrip wig caps are made by strategically placing soft silicone in the selected areas to grip the head, breathable lace and the highest quality unprocessed human hair. Each wig is made to the client’s specifications, which includes, but not limited to the hair length, lace color, hair color, hair texture, density and more.

The FirmGrip cap is made specifically for individuals who are living with severe hair loss or total hair loss. The FirmGrip wig is recommended for individuals who have long term, extensive hair loss from alopecia, chemical processing, medical conditions, etc. To wear one of our hairpieces, your head will need to be clean shaven or you must have no growth at all on your scalp because the FirmGrip wig silicon cap works by griping the scalp. If hair is visible, it can hinder the gripping process.

The silicon in the FirmGrip cap makes it difficult to come off accidentally because of the silicone to scalp grip. The silicon on the cap results in a secure fit, realistic and natural looking wig. The FirmGrip wig looks and wears like your own natural hair while allowing you to live your life doing the things you love to do. Whether you are dancing, playing sports, or going for a swim the FirmGrip's silicon base allows you to move forward and live your life enjoying the activities you love.

Divas Lace Wigs achieves the perfect fit by measuring six areas on the head. These measurements help to create the shape of the cap that gives it the suction effect that withstands the rigors of daily life--even the strongest wind!

The FirmGrip wig is made using top quality Virgin Remy human hair. The hair is injected into the silicone and lace to create a natural look and free-style movement that behaves just like the natural hair growing from the scalp.

Benefits of the FirmGrip Wig

  1. Secure fit, no slipping or sliding. Most often traditional off-the-shelf, stretch wig cap, and ready-to-wear fashion wigs can be unpredictable. While the stretch caps, elastic and velcro versions work adequately over a head of hair, they slide on a bald scalp. By ensuring a perfect fit that creates suction, the FirmGrip wig cap is difficult to dislodge and do not come off accidentally.

  2. Comfortable to wear because there is no more scratching from the rough materials that could cause scalp irritations. These cap materials and hair in generic stretch wigs tend to irritate sensitive scalps, especially those with alopecia. The FirmGrip wig caps are smooth, light, and feel like a second skin. The hair ends are injected into the soft silicone and don't come into contact with the scalp. The combination of the silicon and lace lets you feel the stylist's fingers on your scalp during styling, and the stylist will feel only hair and scalp too. There are no thick edges!

  3. Hair that looks, feels, and behaves like natural flow of human hair. Most fashion wigs just don't look or behave like real hair, except wigs made using an all-lace base especially around the front hairline. The FirmGrip wig is made from premium quality human hair that that hasn't been bleached, dyed, or processed.

  4. The FirmGrip wig is not made in a style? These wigs are not pre-styled into a particular style. The FirmGrip wig is a free-style wig. This allows our clients to work with a stylist. We suggest when you do visit the stylist, bring pictures of the style you desire. The old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This way, you can ensure you and the stylist are on the right track. It avoids ambiguity from both of you by making your desired style clearer.

  5. The FirmGrip cap is cooler than our vacuum cap. However, wearing any wig is warmer than having no hair, but we would say that wearing a FirmGrip wig is no warmer than having your own growing hair in most situations. This is partially due to the silicon and lace combination.

Divas Lace Wigs provides a full range of ready-to-wear premium quality wigs, toupees and hair systems for women, men and children in various styles, colors and hair textures and more. If you are looking for a high-quality hair system with the best price, contact Divas Lace Wigs via phone, email or website. We are definitely your best choice!

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