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A Few Tips to Help Tame Curly or Wavy Hair

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

People who wear curly or wavy human hair lace wigs or hair systems have just as many issues with their hair as those born with natural curly or wavy hair. Most people with curly or wavy hair may experience unmanageable, dry, frizzy or tangled hair. You can tame your curly or wavy hair with less fuss by using these simple tips to help you manage your beautiful locks.

  • Tame with a touch of conditioner. To stop the frizz, mix a little water with hair conditioner in your hands, then apply it to just the tips of her hair. If you need to refresh the entire style, mix a little water with hair conditioner in a small spray bottle then lightly mist the hair. Finger style and go!

  • Don't brush wet hair. Instead, towel-dry hair, then brush, comb, or finger-comb it. Add a touch of your preferred conditioner or anti-frizz product and just say no to styling with brush or comb.

  • Comb dry hair with wet fingers. Water is the key! Wet the hair. Wet your hands, then finger-comb to tackle the frizz and tame tangles.

  • Put moisture back in your hair. Put moisture in the hair to tame the curl. Use a conditioner, a natural oil, or a product to control.

  • Don't over-process hair. Go easy on relaxers and straighteners. They can make hair brittle and lead to breakage.

  • Stop 'cooking' your curls. Avoid using flat irons and curling irons. Limit heat sources to a blow dryer with a diffuser.

  • Go alcohol-free. Alcohol can dry hair out, setting you up for frizz. Look for alcohol-free products.

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