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Should I Wear a Wig Cap Under My Wig

To Wear or Not to Wear a Wig Cap

At least once or twice a week, we are asked, “Should I wear a wig cap under my wig?”

What is a wig cap? A wig cap acts as a protective barrier between your scalp, hair and the wig.? A wig is usually cap is made of a soft nylon, lightweight, breathable and comfortable nylon fabric, a netted stretch cap among others. A wig cap can is similar to face foundation, but for the head since it covers the scalp and hair giving it a smoother look and feel. Even though the wig cap is breathable, some women say the wig cap can make it a bit warmer, especially when a private summer crosses your path.

Wig caps are available in skin tones to resemble the color of the scalp. Some scalp colors may not be available at most stores and it comes in a one size fits all. The wig cap is closed at the tip and has a wide elastic band around the perimeter that helps to hold the cap snugly on your head in an effort to keep it from slipping off. Some women use Got2b Glued Styling Hair Gel to attached the wig cap, then to the head, then trim off the band. Most women find, it’s easy to wear and fits comfortably.

Reasons you might want to wear a wig cap:

  • Skin tones resemble the scalp when worn with a wig with lace in the crown.

  • Acts as a barrier to protect and cover the scalp, natural hair or braids.

  • Reduces friction of your hair rubbing against the inside of the wig.

  • Flattens the hair or braids giving it a smoother look and feel when touched.

  • Might help if you have an itchy or sensitive scalp.

  • Contains your natural hair making it easier to put on your wig without loose hair sticking out or being unruly under the wig. If possible, put your hair in one or two low braids or ponytails at the nape.

  • It easy to use, wear and wash. And dries in minutes.

  • It is lightweight, breathable, helps to absorbs sweat.

Reasons you might not want to wear a wig cap:

  • May sometimes be uncomfortable to wear for some. To tight around the perimeter. If this is the case, try a plus sized nylon stretch stocking of your choice.

  • Might feel warm or hot.

  • You just don’t like wig caps!

To answer the question, “Should I wear a wig cap under my wig?” We tell our customers, the choice to wear a wig cap under your wig is really up to you. There are many women who do wear a wig cap and many women who do not wear a wig cap under their wig. Try it, you have nothing to lose.

Comment below to let us know whether or not you wear a wig cap and if so, why?

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