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Wash or Not to Wash Your Virgin Remy Full or Glueless or Full Lace Wig! That is the Question!

Wash or not to wash! That is always the question when it comes to lace wig hair maintenance. This is the question we are asked the most, "How often should I wash my hair?"

Disclaimer: These tips work great for our premium quality Virgin Remy human hair. We cannot say these tips will work for hair systems purchased from other companies.

Brushes, Combs, or Fingers oh my

  • Straight to light Wavy textures: Gently comb or use a wig brush to release any knots or tangles.

  • Curly or deep Wavy textures: Use your fingers to release any knots or tangles. There may come a time when it will become necessary to use a wig brush depending on the age of the wig or you can use it at any time.

Hair is a knotted, tangled and matted mess, moisturize before the hair to soften

  1. Fill a small spray bottle with about 6 oz of water.

  2. Add two tablespoons of hair conditioner to 6 ounces of water.

  3. Gradually spray the mixture on the hair. DO NOT saturate the hair with the mixture. Start at the tip and work up to the crown and gently brush, comb or finger to remove knots, tangles or mats.

Clean hair is Fresh and the Best

  1. Wash the hair at least once every seven to eight days. In between washes, rather than use shampoo, do a Condition rinse. Always, remove knots or tangles before washing the hair or doing a condition rinse.

  2. Add enough water in a basin to just cover the hair.

  3. Add a table spoon of hair moisturizer and a table spoon of hair conditioner to the water in the basin and mix.

  4. Slowly immerse the wig in the water from tip to crown. Keep the hair in alignment. Gently press up and down on the wig from crown to tip to release any dirt and reside from the hair.

  5. Remove the from the water once you are satisfied that the wig is clean.

  6. Gently squeeze the water from the wig.

  7. Rinse under warm water to remove the conditioner.

  8. Place on mannequin or wig head.

  9. Style and let air dry.

Note: Pre-condition the hair to remove knots, tangles or matting before washing or conditioner rinse.

Brave enough to take a swim in an ocean, pool, lake, river, etc.

  • Never jump in feet first, if wearing a glueless full lace wig!

  • Walk in. Be fabulous! Work your Style!

  • Make a ponytail or braids if you have long hair.

  • Short hair, just wear. No preparation needed.

  • Enjoy and have fun!

Enjoyed your swim in an ocean, pool, lake, river, etc. DO NOT stop what you’re doing to run home or back to the hotel to wash and condition the hair. When you return, do a quick wash, rinse and condition.

We all need this… Prepare hair for your beauty sleep:

If wearing a glueless full lace wig:

  1. Remove the wig then prepare the hair for the next day.

  2. Place your wig on a mannequin head or wig stand.

  3. Style and prepare as desired. Wig is ready the next day. Minimum styling required the next day.

If you wear full lace wig, attached with glue, tape or sew-in:

  • NEVER sleep on just washed or wet hair.

  • Wait or blow dry on the lowest setting to dry the hair.

  • Make a ponytail, braids or style and wrap the hair. Enjoy your beauty sleep.

Holding on to your fabulous style

We understand that you might not want to comb out your beautiful style just yet. That’s okay! Keep a close eye on the hair. You want to avoid matting and tangling and hair loss which is caused by tangled and matted hair.

Comb, brush or finger the hair daily. It revives the hair. Depending on the hair texture and style, you can use a light mist of the moisturizer or leave-in conditioner mix. This will keep the hair soft, moist and manageable. Do not over do. If you do, rinse the hair and start over.

Want to add a pop of color to your hair or change it completely

If you are wearing one or more of our premium quality Virgin Remy human hair lace wigs, an experienced stylist or colorist can color the hair. Some of customers have braved the consequences of coloring the hair themselves. Some were successful and while others were not. This hair color was done by a professional stylist. Divas Lace Wigs is not responsible for your bad hair color outcome.

Even in these post-COVID days, Divas Lace Wigs has available Stock and/or can make Custom Full Lace Wigs, Glueless Full Lace Wigs, Toppers, Closures, Lace Front Wigs, 360 Lace Wigs, Toupees and Hair Extensions online, over the phone or in person. We look forward to getting to know you and your hair replacement need. We hope you will give us the opportunity to serve you in the near future. When your hair looks good, you feel good and we are here to make that happen for you.

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