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Why Choose a Topper, Closure or Toupee?

Why Toppers, Closures or Toupees (Toppers) is an excellent question because not everyone needs a wig. Toppers, closures, and toupees are really the same type of hair system. Toppers are made for people who are living with thinning or sparse hair, bald to balding hair, or to give a polished and finished look to hair extensions.

The terms:

  • Topper is used for women who want to add fullness to the crown of their natural hair.

  • Closure is used for people who want to give a finished and polished look to a hair extension style.

  • Toupee is used for men who want to cover an area of thinning or balding areas in the crown.

Each of these hair systems perform the same function, they add hair fullness and thickness in the crown, crown and sides, or cover hair extension styles. The result, these hair systems add hair in the crown or top of the head giving you a full crown of beautiful hair for a polished, seamless and finished look.

Toppers, closures and toupees can be attached using pressure sensitive clips, combs, styling gel products like Got2B Glued, glue, tape or sewn in. The attachment method you choose is up to you. We’ve heard that clips or combs are the easiest and quickest to use and they are great for beginners. Clips clamp down on the hair while combs slide into the hair. As with most things, each attachment method has its pros and cons. There are things people like about them and things people dislike about them. What’s yours?

Divas Lace Wigs offers stock and custom Toppers, Closures and Toupees in various style, textures and lengths. Our Custom toppers, closures and toupees are made the way you want. All hair systems are available in the most popular hair textures, sizes, colors, density, and more.


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