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3 Top Causes of Wrinkles in Your Full Lace Wig Attachment

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Sometimes after you have attached your lace wig, you find a wrinkle somewhere along the edge of your bonding area? Wrinkles can sometimes happen during the normal course of bonding, even for the most experienced. However, if you get a wrinkle or two and your lace wig seems like it's just not fitting right, then it probably isn't. Most wrinkles can usually be easily remedied.

Here are 3 causes that may require your attention especially if you want to get a wrinkle-free fit:

  • Too Big: If your lace wig was not sized properly to your head or the base was not cut to your specs and is too big, you will mostly certainly experience gaps and wrinkles. An over sized wig will result in wrinkles. Wrinkles caused by wrong sizing are annoying and uncomfortable. The circumference of the wig needs to match the circumference of your bonding area to avoid wrinkles.

  • Thin Skin Perimeter: Some clients love a thin skin perimeter for its quick cleanup capabilities and added durability. Thin skin can sometimes cause wrinkles and an ill fit even though it is flexible, it may difficult to wrap around the curves of your head and can cause a gap rather than a wrinkle. This raised area that refuses to lie flat creates a space between your scalp and the hair system. That gap allows water, oil and sweat to move around more freely, ultimately resulting in quicker lifting. Not good.

  • Stretching: Some clients prefer to order their hair systems a wee bit too small and stretch them into place for a really snug fit. Others unknowingly stretch the lace when attaching the unit to their head. That's fine, however, over time the lace base can stretch permanently, leaving you with a unit that's too big. A small amount of stretching will not cause a problem.

Note: If you are using tape on lace, be sure not to stretch the tape too much when you apply it to the lace. It's okay if you bend the tape a little bit to get around a tight curve, but too much stretch will cause the lace to shrink back and wrinkle.

  • Fix: Immediately after attaching your hair system, feel around the edges for a wrinkle. If you find one, use the tip of your comb to gently lift the edge. Spray a little 99% alcohol under the edge. Wait a few seconds. Lift the wrinkled, just enough to release the wrinkle. Using both hands, spread and flatten out the wrinkled area from the outside. Press it back down. Hold for a few seconds until the alcohol evaporates and the adhesive begins to stick again.

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