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ALERT: Major Hair Retrieval Scam

I receive an email from an inquirer today, asking if we buy hair. Unfortunately, we don’t purchase hair directly from donors. She preceded to tell me that she posted an ad to sell her hair. A man from a company he named as Hairtopia, (which surely is not treu) contacted her. They made an agreement regarding the sale. Additionall, he asked her to find more girls who would be willing to shave/buzzcut their hair for big amounts of money. She did as shown in the images (covered the faces to protect their identity). She recorded several videos and took photos of each girl getting during the cutting process. She said it's been six days and she hasn't heard back. And she can no longer be find him. Now, they have no hair and no money.

Please be on the alert for this scammer or any scammer asking to buy your hair.

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